About Us

Takeaway 555 is an upmarket food ordering, delivering and integration portal that caters to the growing needs of Cambodia to eat at home. We provide a value for money solution at an affordable price. We are an food outsourcing portal that specializes in food delivery in Cambodia.

We do this by aiding our clients find fantastic local restaurants to cater to their culinary delights.  Our dedicated staff monitor and  details from every dining establishment regularly to guarantee the best level of food available in your location. Cambodia has lots of food enthusiasts who share their experience with us and this information is past on to you the end user of our service. This builds an  beautiful  and amazing experiences around local dining and changes the meaning of eating at home.

With information from over 100 Dining Establishments in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap we're making your dining's experience at home a lot more enjoyable and affordable.

We provide you delightful options with takeaway, delivery and restaurant reservations directly with our participating restaurant making it possible for restaurants and dining establishments to create fantastic experience for you.

Takeaways555 is a portal developed, marketed and operated by EPenh Co. Ltd a premium IT company in Cambodia. With a help desk and online chat to assist all requirements to manage and operate this portal. Visit us at www.epenh.com